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Great Wiki research projects!

My grade 12 chemistry students have completed their research projects through the use of a wiki.

I was very pleased with the results!  (Check them out here.) Most of the students also enjoyed the process of using a wiki to prepare their research reports, rather than a written report followed by a class presentation, usually involving the use of power point.

What I most liked about this was that the work was entirely student driven.  It did require some setup on my part (what class projects don’t!), but once things were going, it was really fun for me to monitor their progress (something that can’t be easily done when they are working on traditional ‘paper’ research reports).

The wiki service that I use, PBWiki, allows me to have complete control over who has read/write/edit rights to any page or group of pages on the wiki.  It also allows me to clearly see who has logged on when and what edits or formatting changes they have done.  This helps me track the contributions of all the group members, ensuring that everyone does their fair share.

If you have ever considered using a wiki in your classroom, I would highly recommend it!


One Response

  1. Wow! I’m impressed!
    and the little munchkins are now grade 12…. I feel old

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