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Why I like PBWORKS so much for my wiki space

PBWORK.COM,  the web service I use to host (and pay for a premium account) my course wiki, is running a summer camp to help teach teachers how to use the service to host an educational wiki.  I’ve been invited to act as one of the camp counselors to help the new users along with their homework assignments.  It makes me feel good to know that at least someone else feels I’ve done a good enough job to help others.

The wiki that has been set up for the campers is jammed packed with activities and lessons to help teach new users how to use the many great features this service has to offer.  However, this is not the only benefit that the campers will receive.  All of the camp counselors are also educators.  They will be providing examples of how to use a wiki effectively in the classroom.

I am not familiar with any of the other websites that provide wiki creation and hosting services.  I imagine that they must have similar activities for their new users.  The one that PBWORKS has created I feel is top notch.  I learned a lot of the things I do with the wiki by trial error over the year.  The new users this summer will be guided through this learning process by dozens of enthusiastic teachers that want nothing more than to show how useful wikis can be in a classroom.  I will be one of them, jumping up and down, yelling about how cool wikis are.

I know I’ve said this before, but if you are considering playing around with wikis this summer, I encourage you to definitely do so!  Although you can’t actively participate in the camp this summer (it’s already full), you can still visit the wiki site and see what all of the lessons are and learn on your own.  I believe you will find it to be well worth it!


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