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Did you know Google is a calculator?

I found out something completely new and surprising about Google.  Not only is it a really good search engine, RSS reader and document handler (just to name a few), but it’s a calculator and unit converter too!

I typed this is:

and received this as a result:

Then I typed this:

and received this as a result:

Goodbye Windows calculator!  🙂   (Did you guess it was cold today?)

BTW, I learned about this from a tweet from one of my twitter followers (have I mentionned before how much I love twitter?? <grin>).  He had posted an online presentation about interesting ways of using search engines.  You can find it here (and it’s a google presentation file!!).


One Response

  1. While it is true that it is convenient to have a unit converter and a calculator that is available within your search box, the usability of the tool and its comprehensiveness is not in par with many of the unit conversion sites out there such as http://www.onlineconversion.com , http://www.asknumbers.com , http://www.easyunitconverter.com or many others that I have seen. Google however has been promoting its unit conversion tools and calculator in every way possible for almost every conversion related keyword from what I can see and making it really hard for other unit conversion tool sites to compete in this area.

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