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Easy way of organizing my teaching files

I’ve been teaching for many years now (19, wow, time flies!!).  During that time, I have amassed a large number of files (word processing documents, PDF documents, images, videos,  answer keys, etc…).  Early on, I was naming my files in a way that would help to identify what the file was for.  This soon became quite unwieldy, especially for my grade 12 chemistry course (so far, 370 different files).

Last year, I found a very easy way to organize them and to make them quickly accessible.  It was so easy, I was asking myself, “What took me so long to think of this!”.

I simply made a webpage that includes descriptions of what the files are, along with a link that points directly to that file.  That way, when I load the file in my browser and click on a link, voila!, the file opens up in its appropriate program.  Here is a screen shot of part of my grade 12 organizational webpage:

This is an excerpt where I organize the files I use while teaching the organic chemistry section of my grade 12 chemistry course.  I list the files in roughly the order in which I will probably need them.  The descriptions, in addition to describing the contents of the file, use the section number of the textbook with the relevant section.  The text of the link helps remind me the format of the file (overhead, handout for students, quiz, test).

Whenever I add a new file, I quickly add a link to it in my organizational file.  I edit this webpage file using Adobe Dreamweaver (as it is licensed in my particular school district for all schools and teachers to use for free).  Any webpage editing software could be used to create this file.  I don’t publish this file on the net, I simply keep it in the same folder as my files.

If you have another way of keeping your files organized, I’d love to hear about it!  Comment on this post.


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  1. wow! that’s a great way to organize. plus, your students could also access them if you want to. i like putting things in the net since they are there forever and you can access them anywhere. just make sure when you are organizing you put names that makes it easier for you to put them side by syde. make a syntax for all file names (date, subject, topic or what have you)

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