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Going to try being a presenter

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve put in an application to be a presenter at a conference.  I like the title of this one, hosted by my teacher’s union, OSSTF (Ontario Secondary Schools Teacher’s Federation):  Tools & Toys…Technology in Education

I plan on presenting how using a wiki in a classroom can help students collaborate on group projects.  Using a wiki properly can also help a teacher easily track 1) What student logged in 2) When the student logged in 3) What the student did in terms of edits to the wiki.  In this way, the teacher can easily verify that all group members are contributing their fair share to the group project.  I will use my grade 12 chemistry students wikis as an example.

I have no idea whether my proposal will be accepted or not.

If it is, I know EXACTLY where I will go to get advice on how to present and how to make my presentation materials easy to access: my PLN on Twitter!  Those people are amazing, and have never failed me whenever I have a question!


2 Responses

  1. Best of luck on the upcoming presentation! You will be great!

  2. You should submit this presentation to http://www.ecoo.org as well!

    Good luck with OSSTF!

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