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Using QR codes in my classroom.

I’ve been using QR codes in my Grade 12 chemistry classrooms this year.  It’s my new project to enhance my lessons.

A little bit of history: Our board has recently lifted its ban on the use of web-enabled devices in the school.  It has left it up to individual teachers whether they will allow the use of such devices in the classroom.  Our students aren’t used to using them in the classroom, so I went looking for ways of making it ‘interesting’ for them to do so.

I then read this post, which highlights different ways of using QR codes in the classroom.  I encourage you to read it, there are some awesome ideas there.

I decided to encourage the use of web-enabled devices through the use of QR codes in two ways:

1) I use QR codes on assignment handouts that point to the answer keys for those assignments on the course website I maintain for my grade 12 chemistry classes.  I normally make a hard copy of the answer key available at the front of the room while students have class time to work on assignments.  Including the QR code allows them to pull up the answer key on their web-enabled device right at their seat.

2) I like silly puns.  I post a new one outside my door everyday.  I now also post a ‘bonus pun‘ in the form of a QR code.  As silly as it may seem, many students have told me that ‘wanting to know what the bonus pun was’ turned out to be the reason they learned how to scan a QR code with their device in the first place.

I’d love to hear how you use, or plan to use, QR codes in your classes or lessons.


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