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Student Use of QR Code Readers

I recently blogged about how I am encouraging students to use a QR code reader to access information on my course website quickly.

I was curious as to how the students might have been using their QR code readers outside of the classroom (most of them had been introduced to QR codes by me).  I made a quick poll using Zoho Polls, asking them the following question:

I have them a few days to answer.  I have a total of 145 Grade 12 chemistry students.  Here are the results of the poll:

(You can see how ZohoPolls provides the poll results on their website here.)

I was a bit surprised.  I thought that the students would be using their QR code readers more often outside the classroom.  They seemed much more enthusiastic about using it in the class than the results of the poll seem to suggest.  Perhaps they aren’t finding good opportunities to use them outside of my class.  Hmm, sounds like a good opportunity to offer some after school PD to teachers at my school who might want to learn more about QR codes and how to use them in their classes.


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