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About Me

Hello all!  My name is Jean-Louis Bontront and I’m a high school chemistry teacher in Windsor, Ontario, Canada who is liking all of this Web 2.0 stuff coming online.  There is a lot of ‘cool stuff’ out there, and I’m finding it hard to keep up.  I think I’ll just concentrate on a few things that really peak my interest and go from there.

I’m a Father  and Husband  in the best family in the world!

My favourite Web 2.0 application is Twitter, see the ‘my sites’ link in the sidebar.

I also like Delicious social bookmarking, see the ‘my sites’ link in the sidebar

For those of you who don’t know French (I speak English and French, in case the name didn’t give it away!),  ‘jeanbont’ in French is phonetically ‘ham’.  That says a lot about my character too!

Well, there it is so far.  I’ll add and edit as I see fit.  🙂


4 Responses


  2. …. ahhh… anfd you are a ham, alright!…. at least this picture has tasteful lip hair!

  3. Hello, you have an interesting blog. Congratulations. I’m looking for chemistry bloggers to review and publish one or more of my Physical Chemistry modules. I would love to read your opinion of what I have developed. If you are interested in a free copy of one or more modules from my Physical Chemistry book. Please do let me know.

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