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My ‘Aha!’ moment with Evernote

I follow a lot of great educators on Twitter. They are particularly talented (among many other things) at sharing web2.0 applications they find on the web, as well as creating and collecting great resources to show how to use them in education.

One such application which kept popping up was Evernote. I’ve collected, in my delicious account, some of the evernote resources my twitter PLN has brought to my attention.

Evernote is a web2.0 service that allows you to ‘save everything’ in note form. It sounded like a cool idea to me. I quickly checked it out, I saved some of the resources about it and moved on to other things. I didn’t immediately see how Evernote would be helpful to me. There wasn’t a ‘hook’ to get me to dig deeper. In fact, I find that’s true about many of the new resources I’m pointed to. Unless I can see a reason to use it, I usually let it slide and spend my time doing other things.

I found my Evernote ‘hook’ recently. Here’s the short version: I have both an iPod touch and an iPad, both of which can take photos. (Incidentally, you can also take a ‘screen shot’ of your iDevice by pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously. The image ends up in the camera roll.) If I want to use those photos, I transfer them to the same computer that I sync my iDevices with, my desktop, which is AT HOME. This would make using the photos cumbersome, as it would require an extra day to make them usable. As a result, I don’t take photos at school with my iDevices very often.

Here comes Evernote to the rescue! I can transfer any iDevice photo, via the internet, to my Evernote account. Since Evernote has apps for most mobile devices and PCs (as well as web-clipping add-ons for most web browsers), any ‘note’ that I save in my Evernote account is then instantly available on any of my devices or PCs. Poof! I no longer have to get images from my iDevices through the normal synchronization process. (If you are a web2.0 enthusiast, you can probably tell me about 5 other ways that I can do this!)

Here’s a screen capture image of the Evernote App running on my iPad that I just took, posted to my Evernote account and saved on my laptop while I was at school (no wired-sync required):


Now that I’ve had my ‘Aha!’ moment with Evernote, I’m sure I’ll find lots of other uses for it.

Have you had any ‘Aha!’ moments lately?